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Young Idyllwild Events

Enriching the lives of our Community Members, and Practicing Responsible Environmental Stewardship of our Mountain, while Mentoring and Educating Younger Generations to become the Future Community Leaders, and Giving them the Tools for a Successful Future. See the events below to see what all Young Idyllwild is involved in.

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Idyllwild's Ghost Town - Camp Emerson

October 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27, 31, November 2, 3

The month-long Ghost Town series event is a Program within a Fundraiser and in its 16th successful year. This fundraising event supports all of YII’s programs. 75% of the Cast and Crew members are 18 and under.
Young cast and crew members learn Acting Techniques’, Audio, Lighting, Special Effects Makeup, Set Design, Technology, Animatronics, Construction, and it is our hope to offer year around workshops teaching these skills.

The Event Offers Several Attractions:

Haunted Hotel: a 5000 sq ft guided tour through a Haunted Hotel, each suite a different nightmare. Our scares are mostly phobia based, you can face your fears and exit laughing as we add a mix of comedy with the scare. And much more!!


Idyllwild Demonstration Garden

Our Vision: Learning & Growing Together


Under the leadership of many local volunteer gardeners, landscape designers, builders, artists, permaculturists, educators and others, the Idyllwild
Demonstration Garden (IDG) will be a center for learning about a variety of gardening skills including:
Soil Preparation Composting
Garden Design Proper Tool Usage
Irrigation Natural Pest Management
Pruning Harvesting Your Bounty
Native and Edible Plant Selection
We are a learning resource for both the
young and the young at heart!

Radio Idyllwild

Radio Idyllwild is an online broadcast focused on promoting local music, news, events and more. We teach those interested how to run the station, create their own shows, and allow them live performances as well. Our broadcast is 24/7. For scheduling and more information, please visit RadioIdyllwild.org